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Michael Wood’s shameless flip-flop on public transport shows Mt Roskill voters can’t trust a word he says on the local issues that really matter, National candidate Dr Parmjeet Parmar says. 

 “Today’s overblown transport announcement should be seen for what it is – just another headline grab by a person so desperate to be a politician he’ll take positions based on what helps him get ahead in the Labour Party,” Dr Parmar says.

“Just last year, my opponent issued a press release calling light rail ‘not a fully formed proposal’ and protesting that ‘we don’t have clear information about funding’.

“He even went so far as to criticise it because it would put long planned and much needed Dominion Road upgrades on ice.

“Suddenly this year, after Phil Goff announced his support of light rail in his Mayoral campaign, Mr Wood was tweeting in support of it. 

“The gap between my opponent’s positions last year and now are so wide he could drive a train through them, except he’d have to call Mayor Goff and Andrew Little first and see if they liked the idea.

“This would be funny, if transport wasn’t such a serious issue in Mt Roskill. I know that people here want a strong local voice who will advocate for transport improvements and stand up to the Mayor, Council and Local Board.

“I’m running a strong campaign that is hugely focused on tackling transport issues, including filling the gaps in the bus routes, getting better quality bus shelters built, changing the absurd T3 lanes, and making popular footpaths safer for pedestrians. 

“This election, I’m the only choice with a local track record of getting things done on Mt Roskill’s behalf and who can stand up for locals on the issues that matter.”   

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