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I am receiving so much daily feedback about the major changes to bus services that came into effect in early July. I am coordinating the comments and complaints into a Bus Survey so that one approach can be made to Auckland Transport/Auckland City Council with positive suggestions for improvement.

Of particular concern, from the feedback so far, are services to and from the city including Lynfield and the services to and from Greenlane Medical Clinics for Mt Roskill which leave our elderly having to walk distances that are not easy for people in those age groups. Some of these changes are obviously not improving the service if it leads to people not using the service and reverting to their cars. For the elderly who are solely reliant on public transport, this will increase their costs as many will be forced to use taxis. 

In particular, I was surprised to read the response to the plea of these elderly people using 650 bus route that people who cannot walk the extra distance could access a mobility scheme for half-price taxi fares. Alternatively, the cheapest option would be to take a train to Britomart and use the 321 Hospitals bus that leaves from right outside the main entrance and go into the Green Lane Clinical Centre. These responses from the council body and AT are just unacceptable.

If public transport is to be promoted, it must be convenient, reliable and user-friendly. I am keen to hear from you before I take up the matter with AT so please fill in the survey and provide your feedback to me asap.