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National List MP based in Mt Roskill, Dr Parmjeet Parmar has launched a petition to have a roundabout built at the intersection of Arundel Street, Rogan Street and Stamford Park Road close to Cameron Pools and Leisure Centre.

The MP’s petition will be both on her website – and available to sign at her Stoddard Road electorate office, and will also call for a speed bump in Arundel Street near the multi-facility centre.

“I have had a number of approaches from residents on adjacent streets after they have witnessed near misses and several accidents. Locals are also concerned about pedestrian safety as there is not enough parking available and the streets are clogged with parked cars, particularly at weekends when there are more families in the areas.

“Motorists at the intersection seem unsure about who has right of way and too many are missing the yellow lines and stop signs, adding to the risk.

“The Auckland City Council needs to take urgent action before someone is injured or worse because the current stop sign and yellow lines are totally inadequate safety measures. I’d encourage all local residents to help me send a message to the Council that something needs to be done.

“After talking to residents, I believe a roundabout and speed bump are the only solution to what has become a serious problem and they need to be put in place as soon as possible.”

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